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Systems EngineersSystem Engineering

Arcata performs system engineering that follows DOD and NASA Engineering standards. Our processes are CMMI Level 3 compliant, and our end-to-end capabilities encompass:

Integrated project management; analysis and documentation of functional requirements; development of technical specifications and cost estimates; conceptualization, design, development, coding, and documentation of systems; both preliminary and critical design reviews; design evaluation, test, checkout and installation of new equipment, platforms, operating systems and networks.

Sustaining Engineering Services

Arcata performs sustaining engineering designing and applying hardware and software modifications to extend the life cycle of aging systems, add new capabilities, improve system performance, and reduce the total cost of ownership. We also have extensive design and development experience spanning all facets of electronic hardware and software design for instrumentation, data processing and display systems.

Our technical staff consists of electrical, software, instrumentation and communications engineers supported by systems integrators, network administrators and technicians. Our engineering expertise is focused on system design and integration, with development of application specific software. We are proficient in a variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Irix, and various embedded real time operating systems. In addition, we routinely program in most standard programming languages, including Ada, C, C++, C#, Fortran, and Java. We also design custom database applications using standard database development tools such as Oracle and SQL Server.

Technical Staff MembersValidation and Verification

Arcata provides an independent V&V function which ensures all system attributes either designed or changed are checked against requirements before the system is distributed to users. We utilize tools such as Test Director to provide the traceability for complete confidence in this process.

Technical Documentation

Arcata currently provides technical documentation for users when systems are upgraded, new enhancements are provided or to document system design, changes, and modifications. Arcata currently has CAD/CAM/CAE drafters providing engineering drawings for engineers, technicians and machinists. We also provide the hard copy text of these systems when tasked.

Configuration and Data Management

Our software and hardware engineers in both the DoD and NASA realms determine configuration items, track their life cycle and ensure all changes are properly tracked. Arcata manages the CM/DM processes on contracts where we are prime. Arcata engineers and technicians use in-house developed approved software tools which track scheduling, correspondence, CR/DR/SCR processing, and all tests, validations and closure actions.