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Radar Telemetry DishArcata has been in the forefront of Operations and Maintenance of Range Systems for over 30 years. Our operators, technicians and engineers support the Air Force, the Navy, and NASA ranges. We not only provide the day to day sustainment of these systems, but we also assist the customer to develop their requirements for operating with limited resources. Test and training range support includes engineering support for range system design, modification, range configuration and logistic support services required to accomplish complex range activities across large expanses.

Radar / Telemetry / Communications / Optical Systems

Arcata has experience in a multitude of radar systems that include Tracking Radars, EW Threat Radars, Long Range Optics, Telemetry trackers, long haul Digital Backbones, Optical Networks, air to ground radios, and associated control systems. Our engineers and technicians support systems that require both routine O&M and depot maintenance and overhaul. We also provide operation, maintenance, sustainment and reverse engineering on foreign military equipment being used to train today’s war fighters. Our ability to develop 5-year maintenance plans enhance the life cycles of supported systems and we can also provide inspect and repair as necessary (IRAN) services.

Mobile Systems

Arcata builds, operates, and maintains mobile facilities that perform remote control of missions, test control centers, and control centers for emergency operations. We have expertise in remote communications systems to include threat systems, jamming systems, and systems that simulate degraded communications nodes. These mission support vans also have environmental control and integrated power systems.

35-Navy-pilot-trainingMission Control Centers

Arcata technicians, developers, and engineers routinely provide configuration services mission control rooms. Our engineers and software developers maintain and enhance a Western Aeronautical Test Range control program to meet every discipline and user needs for display of tracking, telemetry, real time video, and time, space and positioning data. We also provide display services for NASA and DoD control rooms and our operators and safety personnel monitor the ranges safety and other mission activity.

Test and Evaluation Services

Our engineers, operators and technicians support NASA, the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps in test and evaluation missions on DOD ranges. Arcata engineers and technicians support research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) and operational test and evaluation (OT&E) services. The full spectrum includes instrumented flight testing, weapons employment testing, electronic warfare testing, and spacecraft development testing and evaluation. Systems include range instrumentation, radars/sensors, targetry, telemetry, and communications.

Training Services

Arcata personnel support DoD aircrew training by operating and maintaining instrumentation systems, electronic warfare systems, ordnance scoring systems (bomb, strafe, laser) and visual cues. Arcata technicians also correlate scoring data to target pictorials to further enhance pilots’ awareness of ordnance drops.