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Arcata has assisted in planning and implementing a shared-service organization for a federal agency to reduce costs, standardize and streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve customer service and responsiveness.

  • Arcata has worked with teams to central administrative support functions, to establish shared services concepts and achieve economies of scale without losing customer focus. Economies of scale are achieved with standardization and automation; customer focus is maintained by implementing service level agreements, usage based chargebacks and active customer relationship management. Arcata provides support in areas such as IT, Finance, Grants, Procurement, and Human Resources. Performance and establishes new processes and metrics.

  • Arcata improves procedures for Grants and Cooperative Agreements, Small Business Programs, Training Purchases, Training Systems, and Personnel Change of Station Processing – and operates those systems by processing transactions to provide direct service response to end customers. In addition, Arcata provides experts in the Financial Management functional area, specifically processing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. In the IT functional area Arcata provides Enterprise License Management (ELM) and Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) / Enterprise Service Request System (ESRS) functions and provides system administration, web development, and software development support.